Communications Policies

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media can be a great way to connect with your classmates, professors, alumni, and the wider SFAI community. Follow us online, tag us, and share! 

  • Facebook: /sfaiofficial
  • Twitter: @sfaiofficial
  • Instagram: @sfaiofficial  @sfaihousing
  • YouTube: /sfaiofficial 

Tag us in pictures you take at events on either of SFAI's campuses! Also, feel free to use/follow the following SFAI-related hashtags: 

  • #SFAIcurrent for current students and events
  • #SFAIalumni for alumni-related news
  • #outtalinesince1871 for SFAI history and culture 

Deletion Policy

SFAI social media accounts are intended to inform users of SFAI-related news and events and to foster community. SFAI reserves the right to edit or delete disparaging posts, personal opinions or inappropriate content as it sees fit. 

Content Guidelines

  1. Be transparent; identify yourself; be professional. If you choose to include SFAI in your profile on a social site, be yourself and feel free to say what is on your mind, but do so respectfully. Your opinions should be apparent as your own and not representative of the views and opinions of SFAI. 
  2. Official groups or pages must be supervisor-approved. If you feel there's a need for a particular official group or page for SFAI, please contact 
  3. Not everything needs a response. SFAI has a long, storied history that has fostered a wide range of artist movements and, as such, is open to criticism about any number of things, from works of art to policies. If you have the ability to correct an error or factually incorrect statement or direct someone to a webpage that does so, that's helpful. If you feel there is a post or comment that is sensitive and needs a response, please forward to 
  4. Be aware of liability. You are legally liable for what you post on your own site and on others. 

Media Consent + Publicity Release Policy

San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) reserves the right to publish without notification any artwork produced by students or photography/videography of students on campus—including studios, classrooms, or events—while attending SFAI's degree and continuing studies programs. Reproductions and images will be for non-commercial purposes only and may include print publications, institutional websites, e-communications, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn), multimedia presentations, and documents about SFAI for admission recruitment, fundraising, or institutional informational/promotional purposes. Every effort is made to properly credit featured work. 

Computer, Email + Electronic Resources Policy