Making + Reading Project

Assignment 1:
Contemporary Practice Reading

Due: First Day of Class

Contemporary Practice allows first-year students to strengthen their voices through creative and social collaboration with their peers. Vital components of Contemporary Practice—ones that facilitate and support the first-year students’ understanding of their place at SFAI and in the Bay Area art landscape—are introductions to the school’s array of studio practices, studio critiques, and field trips to museums, galleries, artists’ studios, public art sites, and other urban sites. These activities are central to experiencing how artists and viewers communicate, represent, and make meaning of the world around them. Additional co-curricular initiatives such as workshops, public lectures, and exhibition openings in which students participate help to foster understanding of how the tensions produced by the interaction of cultural, social, and personal forces foster critical thinking and artistic opportunity.

To prepare you for some of the questions and conversations we will engage in this course, we have chosen several articles as your readings.

  1. How Glenn Ligon Is Using Black and Blue to Begin a Dialogue

  2. Does Having a Day Job Mean Making Better Art?

  3. ‘Simply Not a Good Look’: Activist Group Criticizes Brooklyn Museum’s Hiring of White Curator for African Art Department

  4. Prior to Her Firing, Curator Helen Molesworth Made Public Statements Critical of Museum Practices, MOCA

  5. ‘Curating Involves a Daily Protest Against Forgetting’: Hans Ulrich Obrist Waxes Poetic at Armory Show

Assignment 2:

Due: First Day of Class

Bring your sketchbook to the first day of class including notes and sketches of ideas. Students enrolled in Contemporary Practice will present an original piece of work for their first group critique at SFAI. Please bring a piece of artwork to share with the class.