Student Health Insurance

SFAI provides a student health insurance plan offered through United Healthcare Student Resources.

SFAI requires all degree-seeking students who are enrolled in six or more units to be covered by a health insurance plan that is fully-compliant with the Affordable Care Act and is comparable to or exceeds the SFAI-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.

Qualifying students are automatically enrolled in and billed for SFAI’s health insurance plan at the beginning of each academic year. If you have other insurance and do not wish to participate in the plan offered through the school, you must complete an online waiver form by the deadline (see Enroll In or Waive Out).

Failure to waive out of the plan will result in automatic enrollment in the plan, and you will be responsible for paying the insurance premium as part of your tuition bill.

Waivers last one academic year, so students must waive the coverage online each year if they wish to opt out of the health insurance plan.

For more information, visit:

Contact: Galen Crawford— | 415.351.3509

United Healthcare Student Resources

SFAI’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is available through United Healthcare Student Resources. This plan is a preferred provider organization, or PPO plan, that provides coverage for services from both “Preferred Providers” and “Out-of-Network Providers.” 

The SFAI-sponsored insurance plan is fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act and provides comprehensive coverage including preventive care services, diagnostic testing and x-rays, prescription drugs, mental health services, inpatient and outpatient hospitalization, and emergency services.

Enroll In or Waive Out

All students are automatically enrolled in the SFAI, United Healthcare plan.  If you already have comparable coverage to the SFAI plan offered through Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk, you may waive coverage so long as the waiver is completed by the communicated date.  In order to waive coverage, you will need to log in to the student health insurance portal, and enter information about your current health insurance plan, including plan provider and policy number. If you do not have current insurance coverage, you will not be eligible to waive the SFAI-sponsored insurance plan, and will be required to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan and pay associated premiums.

To enroll, waive, or view plan rates, visit:

Summer Term Enrollment Begins - Thursday, April 11

Summer Term Waiver Deadline -  Thursday, June 27

Fall Term Enrollment Begins - Tuesday, May 28

Fall Term Waiver Deadline - Thursday, September 19