Career Resources

Opportunities @ SFAI Newsletter: 

Career Resources at SFAI creates and supports programs and services targeted at providing students with skills and knowledge to grow their artist practice and build a successful career.  

Both on and off campus “Opportunities @ SFAI” are emailed to students, faculty, staff, and alumni every week. The email content, which include jobs, internships, open calls, etc., is viewable above. To get started, set up an appointment with a Career Resources staff member by emailing

Career Resources can further assist students in their search through engagements such as:

  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Short and long term goal setting and action planning
  • Self-evaluation and knoweldge as it realtes to professional development.
  • Document review: resumes, cover letters, artist statements, and more
  • Support in building a strong, professional portfolio
  • Assistance with the job and residency search and application process

On Campus


Some students will notice a work-study award on their financial aid statement. A work-study award does not affect a student’s ability to work on campus; the majority of positions offered at SFAI are available to both work-study and non-work-study qualified students.


International Students

F-1 and J-1 student visa holders are eligible to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week during the regular academic year, and full-time during winter, spring, and summer breaks. For more information on eligibility and securing a Social Security number, see the Study in the States Website.


For off-campus work, refer to the Opportunities @ SFAI Job board, and regularly check out the links to Bay Area arts institutions listed below. For more assistance, set up an appointment with your career advisor by emailing  Make sure to bring a copy of your resume, and a few questions you have to talk through. 


SF Bay Art Institution Job Websites:

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Museum of African Diaspora

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Fine Art Museums of San Francisco (de Young and Legion of Honor)

Asian Art Museum

UC Berkely Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Bay Area Video Coalition Job Board

San Francisco Arts Commission Community Job Board

California Arts Council Job Board

Professional Development Workshops for Students + Alumni

The Professional Development Workshop series delivers valuable information for starting one's artistic career. Current schedule below. Previous sessions avaliable to watch


date Session (click link for video) Presenter (click link for presenter bio)
01/31/2019 Faculty Speaks Maria Elena Gonzalez and Amy Berk
02/07/2019 Tips for Pricing Artwork: In conversation with Maria Elena Gonzales Maria Elena Gonzalez
02/21/2019 Art + Taxes Sarah Lockhart
02/28/2019 Faculty Speaks John Priola, Liz Bernstein, and Genine Lentine
03/07/2019 What to Consider in a Residency Aay Preson-Myint of Headlands and Oxbow Residencies
03/14/2019 Grant Writing Elisa Isacson, SFAI Grant Writer
03/26/2019 Editioning Work John Priola, Chair of Low Residency MFA Program
03/28/2019 Faculty Speaks Tim Berry and Jeremy Morgan
04/04/2019 Professional Development Lecture TBA TBA
04/11/2019 Professional Development Lecture TBA TBA
04/18/2019 Faculty Speaks TBA TBA

FALL 2018

Date Session (click on session link for video!) Presenter (Click on presenter link for more information about them)
10/18/2018 Merchandising Carissa Potter (MFA 2010) 
10/28/2018 Artist as Personal Brand Rebecca Williams, Creative Consultant 
11/2/2018 Art + Law MJ Bogatin, California Lawyers for the Arts



Date Session (click link for video) Presenter (click link for presenter bio)
7/25/2018 Grants and Residencies Kathryn Reasoner, Visiting Faculty
4/12/2018 Non Commercial and Commerical Art Conrad Meyers, Aggregate Space Gallery
3/29/2018 Grants and Residencies Kathryn Reasoner, Visiting Faculty
3/27/2018 Borders and Crossing Borders with Art Hans Winkler, Artist
3/26/2018 Public Art Commissions Bobby Zokaites, Artist
3/22/2018 Packing and Shipping 2D and 3D Artwork Ben Vilmain, Minnesota Street Projects Art Services
3/19/2018 Public Art & The SF Arts Comission JD Beltran, President of San Francisco's Art Commission
3/5/2018 Exhibition as Collaboration Clea Massiani, Bass and Reiner & Katie Hood Morgan, Curator
3/1/2018 Websites and Marketing for Artists Danielle Lawrence, Artist and Visiting Faculty
4/25/2017 Not-for-profit Galleries Amy Cancelmo, Root Division & S. Willis Meyers, Aggregate Space Gallery
4/11/2017 Practicing Artist Entrepreneur Clea Massiani, Carissa Potter, Aaron Harbour, Artist
3/28/2017 Exhibition Preparation Workshop Robin Beard, SFAI Chief Preparator
2/14/2017 Artwork Documentation Workshop Amelia Konow, Artist and SFAI Photography Studio Manager
1/31/2017 How to Approach Galleries Danielle Lawrence, Clea Massiani, Katie Hood

Studio Visits + Speed Mentoring // Graduate Students


Date Session Presenter / Institution
March & April2018 Studio Visits and Speed Mentoring Marie Martraire, KADIST
Studio Visits and Speed Mentoring Emmanuelle Namont Kouznetsov + Kathrine Worel, OFFSpace
Studio Visits and Speed Mentoring Willis and Corad Meyers, Aggregate Space
  Heidi Rabben, Contemporary Jewish Museum
Studio Visits and Speed Mentoring Hans Winkler
Speed Mentoring Gwenda Joyce
Studio Visits and Speed Mentoring Christopher Squier + Julian Wong - Nelson, Dissolve
Studio Visits and Speed Mentoring JD Beltran

2018–2019 Professional Development Classes

These classes offer students experience within professional environments for class credits


IN-396T-01 Internship

The Internship course enables students to gain field experience within an arts or cultural organization over the course of a single semester, while engaging with a faculty advisor and their peers in classroom discussions about their experience. Students are expected to complete their internship while enrolled in the internship class, and perform a minimum of 85 hours of work with the host organization (approximately 7 hours per week). Class discussions, readings, and site visits to Bay Area arts organizations are designed to familiarize students with the arts ecosystem, principles and functions of visual arts organizations, including organizational structure, nonprofit status, governance, cultural policy, and support for the arts, and resources for visual artists.

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Satisfies: Off-Campus Study, Studio Elective
  • Offered both Fall and Spring Semesters


IN-308-01 Professional Practices for Artists

This course will provide upper level students with the skills and tools needed for professional practice in the arts. Students will learn to document their work; prepare a resume/cv; create a web site; write proposals for galleries, grants, residencies, and other opportunities; identify and apply for positions in the arts; and more. We will also address financial management of projects and financial literacy for artists. The course activities will include a combination of technical demonstrations, guest presentations, field trips, and individual meetings.

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Satisfies: Off-Campus Study, Studio Elective
  • Offered Spring Semester


CP-100-01 Contemporary Practice

Contemporary Practices engages the widely held cultural assumptions and clichés about artists, their work, and about how the meaning of an artistic work is actually formed. Active engagement in Contemporary Practice allows first-year students to strengthen their creative voices through creative and social collaboration with their peers. Vital components of Contemporary Practice-ones that facilitate and support the first-year students' understanding of their place at SFAI and in the Bay Area art landscape-are introductions to SFAI's array of studio practices, studio critiques, and field trips to museums, galleries, artists' studios, public art sites, and other urban sites. These activities are central to experiencing how artists and viewers communicate, represent, and make meaning of the world around them. Additional co-curricular initiatives such as workshops, public lectures, and exhibition openings in which students participate help to foster understandings of how the tensions produced by the interaction of cultural, social, and personal forces foster critical thinking and artistic opportunity.

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Satisfies: Contemporary Practice Requirement for BA and BFA
  • Offered both Fall and Spring Semesters


IN-390-01 Senior Review Seminar

This course in the context of an interdisciplinary seminar format is a capstone review of studio work that takes place in the senior year of the BFA program. The strength of this seminar is the development of an ongoing critical dialogue with members of the seminar from all undergraduate majors and areas of study. Critical discourses during the review seminar foster intersdisciplinarity and further prepare students for continued development of their studio practice after graduation. A final summary statement is required in addition to meeting learning standards for successful completion of the BFA degree.

  • Prerequisite: Final Semester Senior Standing
  • Satisfies: Senior Review Seminar Requirement for the BFA.
  • Offered both Fall and Spring Semesters


GR-502-01 Graduate Lecture Series

The Graduate Lecture Series works in conjunction with the Visiting Artists and Scholars Lecture Series in support of the MFA, MA, Dual Degree, and Post-Baccalaureate programs. The lecture series provides exposure to, and engagement with, diverse trajectories, styles, approaches, and career paths offered by emerging and established artists, curators, critics, theorists, and historians working in a wide variety of disciplines in both local and global contemporary art communities. As an investigation of the contemporary issues relevant to the development of graduate students' full education and experience at SFAI, the lecture series provides the entire graduate body with a common interdisciplinary foundation and plays a crucial role in defining individual praxis and the meanings of “success” within the current and future landscape of contemporary art. These lectures will occur in the Lecture Hall at the 800 Chestnut Street campus on Friday afternoons from 4:30-6:00 pm. Students will also have the opportunity to meet with some of the guests for individual critiques, small group colloquia, and informal gatherings after the lectures. Presentations by SFAI graduate faculty will comprise an additional component of the series to be held in the regular time block during weeks when visitors are not scheduled.

  • Requirement for all MFA, MA, Dual-Degree, and PB Students
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Offered both Fall and Spring Semesters


GR-521-01 Visiting Artists and Scholars (VAS) Seminar

This class has multiple purposes. One is to provide students with the opportunity to interact with three prominent contemporary artists in an intimate classroom setting. The other purpose is to facilitate the critical examination of various works of art as they address themselves to the social space formed by the seminar community. Students will not be allowed to verbally explain their work prior to the beginning of group critiques, but they will have an opportunity to respond to the comments generated by other seminar participants. Each student will be required to present current work twice during the course of the semester, and will also be required to attend all seminar critiques. Additionally, students will be required to respond to each other's presented work in both verbal and written form. Students will be required to attend the evening lectures given by the artists affiliated with the seminar, and also attend the follow-up colloquia given the same week. They will also be required to schedule an individual studio critique with each of the aforementioned artists according to a master list.

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Satisfies: MFA Studio Elective, MFA Topic Seminar; Emphasis in AT, FM, NG, PA, PH, PR, and SC
  • Offered both Fall and Spring Semesters