The English requirement at SFAI is designed to develop skills in critical reading and analysis, with an emphasis on recognizing and crafting persuasive arguments. The small seminar format of the classes allows for close contact with faculty and substantial feedback of writing in progress. Students not transferring in with equivalent “English Composition A” credit, are required to take the Writing Placement Exam before registering. Some students may be required to register for Seeing and Writing before Investigation and Writing.

English Composition A (Investigation and Writing)
Fall – 3 units

A foundational course to develop critical reading and writing skills necessary for analyzing literary and visual works.

English Composition B
Spring – 3 units

The second course in the writing sequence focuses on continuing development in writing, with emphasis on analysis, honing essay-writing skills, and preparing students for more advanced academic course work. These special topic courses are also geared toward introducing students to a variety of literary genres, spanning a variety of cultures, time periods, and styles.