Visual Narratives (Online)

Cecilia Borgenstam
6 Sessions »Thursdays , October 15 - November 19

6:00-8:00pm | Online | $180

Are you a beginner or intermediate photographer with boxes (or hard drives) full of great images but are you unsure of how they all fit together? Have you started a project but don’t know how to finish it? Or are you working on finalizing a portfolio and need feedback? In this class we will explore ways to create a body of work that clearly expresses your unique artistic voice. You will learn to edit and sequence your images and write an artist statement that clearly communicates your ideas.  With guidance from the instructor, you can keep building your portfolio by adding new images for the duration of the course and deal with any technical issues that may occur along the way. In-class critiques of work in progress will help you articulate your vision and culminates in the final presentation of a cohesive body of work consisting of 10-20 images at the end of the course.

We will also look at contemporary photographers and discuss how your work fit into a broader contemporary photography practice today. 

Please bring work samples to the first class (prints, a Mac formatted usb stick, or a website etc.

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Cecilia Borgenstam is a Swedish-born artist and educator based in San Francisco. She worked as Richard Misrach’s studio manager before dedicating herself to her own practice full-time. Her latest body of work, Here/Not Here, is exploring the disconnect between materialism and physical vulnerability in transient camps in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and has received honorable mentions at the 12th Pollux Awards (2019) and the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2019) in the categories for documentary reportage and documentary photography. In 2019 she was a Critical Mass 2019 Top 200 Finalist and was also selected for the REVIEW Santa Fe 100 Photographers. She was awarded a silver medal at the San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition (2019) and 2nd place in the 2018 International Photography Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel (CA).

She holds a BA in Literature from the University of Lund, Sweden, and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in California.

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