Tree to Object: Practical Woodworking for Sculpture

Tim Kopra
8 Sessions »Saturdays, September 28- November 16

10:00am-1:00pm | Studio 105 | $385

In this class, we will explore the qualities of wood as a medium for constructing sculptural objects. With the use of hand tools, (both traditional and powered) which are relatively inexpensive, and safe to use, hardwoods, softwoods, and wood products such as plywood and MDF will be cut, joined, drilled, sanded, planed, smashed, repaired, carved and finished. The history of wood as a fine-art medium will be addressed, and class projects will be directed towards realizing the creative possibilities of this original carbon fiber to make structures of all kinds with creative freedom.


Sample assignment:

Topographical Layering: Using thin materials such as plywood, Masonite, or split wood shingles and a cutting saw such as a coping saw or jigsaw, construct three-dimensional landscape forms with the theory of topographic map layering that approximates curve gradients by representing profiles at even thicknesses.  After looking at maps and understanding the concepts of elevation, sequentially outlined pieces will be joined with adhesive, nails, or screws to build up a solid form from seemingly “flat” wood that approximates a landscape of your choosing.

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Tim Kopra illustrates an altered perspective of the social and physical infrastructure in daily life. The language of architecture and the history held in urban debris collide in his aesthetic. He uses sonic elements, and often fabricates work beyond human scale seeking to entangle viewers within banal ubiquitous material in an imaginative way, that challenge accepted notions of everyday experience.

Tim received his Masters in Fine Arts at San Francisco Art Institute in the spring of 2015. He has taught with Oxbow School in Napa, California and with Edventure More Summer Camps in Oakland. Tim is an experienced fabricator and has been a shop technician at UC Santa Cruz and SFAI, and fabricated for Gordon Huether Studios, MoreLab, LAME Arts, and is lead fabricator for Cathartic Productions. Tim has been exhibiting his work since 2009 throughout the Bay Area and internationally. Most notably at the Sesnon Gallery in Santa Cruz, Gallerie Califa in the Czech Republic, Herbst Pavillon in Fort Mason, Southern Exposure and SPUR in San Francisco. He currently works and lives in Oakland, California.

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