Time Control: Video Editing and Post-Production (Online)

Tessa Siddle
6 Sessions »Wednesday, July 7 - August 11, 2021

6:00pm - 9:00pm | Online | $300

This course will focus on building a familiarity with non-linear video editing software, editing theory, history, and technique. The class will begin by considering best practices for shooting and gathering footage with post-production in mind. We will then focus on becoming comfortable working with the timeline, basic tool kit, filters, image correction, and transition effects in Adobe Premier Pro. We will conclude by working with multiple video layers to make custom visual effects and composite motion images. In addition to in-class exercises, students will complete a short independent video project. This class will be beneficial to both filmmakers seeking to focus more on their editing skills as well as any artist who wants to incorporate video into their artistic practice.

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Tessa Siddle is a cross-disciplinary artist and curator whose work in video, film, installation, and performance focuses on themes of gender, sexuality, hybridity, mythology, magic, and the interplay between physical and digital worlds. They are the co-curator of the Artists’ Television Access Window Gallery, a co-curator of the GAZE Screening Series, and a co-founder of Almost-Public/Semi-Exposed - an annual showcase of installed performance.

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