Social Justice Photography

Ellen Jacob
4 Sessions »Saturday + Sunday, January 25-26 and February 1-2

10:00am-1:00pm | 16A | $195

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From Sixties protest zines to JR’s murals and Ai Weiwei’s videos, photography has been used in support of social causes and change. In this two weekend workshop you will focus on a social issue important to you and create images that impact the public’s perception of that issue. Discover the ways people and objects in a photo can take on symbolic meaning and how the traditional conventions of photography can be applied to suggest new relationships. You’ll learn how to integrate a variety of disciplines and materials in your work and find the best format for your topic from traditional prints to zines, books, murals and installations and determine where to show/share your work to create maximum attention. The class will include talks, critiques, photography sessions and studio time to create. Any camera is fine, including phones.

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Ellen Jacob is an artist-photographer whose work focuses on social justice. Her practice often combines photographic images, retouching techniques and other materials. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and internationally, including the FIF International Festival of Photography in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and the 5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona, Spain, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, SITE: Brooklyn, Wired Gallery, NY. She is a Ford Foundation Grant recipient, a Josephine Herrick teaching photographer and a member of Soho Photo Gallery in New York City. She spent many years with leading publishing companies as a creative director. Ellen splits her time between San Francisco and New York.  

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