Screenprinting with Hand-Drawn Stencils

Steph Kudisch
6 Sessions »Tuesdays, October 15- November 19

4:00-7:00pm | Print Room 1 | $295

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This course bridges drawing, painting and even doodling into the world of printmaking. We begin with a foundation of screenprinting skills and then will delve into more complex printing techniques such as working with masking fluids, tapes and transparent inks. Discussion and presentations of historical and contemporary printmaking that utilize these techniques will allow students to contextualize their own works and further explore screenprinting. Artists will make a portfolio demonstrating these new skills and have a deeper understanding of composition & printmaking practices. No screenprinting experience is required.

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Steph Kudisch is an artist, teacher, and art preparator in San Francisco. Focusing in screenprint, sound, and ceramics, Kudisch recently received their MFA as well as the Isaac M. Walter Sculpture Prize from the San Francisco Art Institute. Kudisch is a genderfluid artist who reinterprets Jewish myth and ritual, continuing in the queer tradition of reimagining possibility. They are a member of the San Francisco Poster Syndicate, where they create and live-print screenprinted political posters. Kudisch teaches with the San Francisco Children’s Art Center’s Preschool For All initiative, where they teach printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and painting in schools throughout San Francisco.

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