Photographing People

Zack Sumner Schom
10 Sessions »Tuesdays, September 24-November 26

7:30-10:30pm | Studio 18 | $480

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By exploring portraiture in both formal and non-traditional portrait settings, we can learn to see our fellow humans through a fresh lens. From controlled spaces to environmental portraits, we will explore the history of portraiture and ways pictures of people changes based on context and intention.

We will begin the course by looking at artists and images, from historical archives, to contemporary photographers. We will open with a discussion around our own interpretations of the “portrait” and what it means to photography people. In this course we will consider all pictures of people, with close inspection and critical thinking. Students are expected to make pictures throughout the course based in people. Assignments will be given, and we will discuss the work through a series of group critiques. It’s expected that students will leave this course with a better understanding of portraiture within a larger historical context, and a critical mind for pushing the medium further.

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Zack Sumner Schomp is a visual artist living and working in Oakland, CA. Schomp received his BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and his MFA in Studio Arts from Mills College. Schomp’s work moves between isolation and a willingness to share, believing that within this world of chaos are moments which remind us we are not alone. He works with traditionally printed media, digital printing, projection and sculpture. Schomp assists and manages studios for artists in the Greater Bay Area and has printed for major exhibitions and museum collections. He was recently the recipient of the Hung Liu Award, recognising excellence in studio practice for his MFA exhibition.

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