Notebook as Studio (Online)

Kate Laster
4 Sessions »Wednesdays, October 21- November 18

(No class November 11)
6:00-9:00pm | Online | $195

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In this class the journey is the destination-- designed to make students more comfortable with drawing, Notebook as a Studio is a workshop that helps build confidence with sketching as well as easing the often paralyzing fear of making mistakes. With in-class assignments and drawing homework out in the “real world”, the techniques of wet and dry media, collage, visual lists, diary, humor and life drawing all come into play. Because after all we learn a lot from play.

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Kate Laster is an interdisciplinary artist from Anchorage. Growing up all over Alaska from Utqiagvik to Juneau, a sense of place is tethered to her practice. San Francisco has become her home. Working either monumentally or intimately small, her work is connected to the weight of the past, human migration and the effervescent exhaustion of romantic love. Laster is an artist and educator, she currently teaches collaborative printmaking at the Tenderloin Boys and Girls Club through City Studio. She has shown work in California, Washington, New Mexico, Alaska and Pennsylvania as well as internationally in Berlin and Osaka.

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