Introduction to DIY Filmmaking

Tessa Siddle
10 Sessions »Wednesdays, June 10- August 12

6:00-9:00pm | Studio 2 | $480

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This course will provide an introduction to filmmaking with an eye towards low-budget, small crew practices. We will cover basic techniques in production and post-production, including cinematography, lighting, sound, and editing. In addition we will look into the history of DIY film and video aesthetics including examples from underground/outsider cinema, home movies, punk, no-wave, riot grrrl, cable access TV, video diaries, and more. 


No prior experience with film and video required.

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Tessa Siddle is a cross-disciplinary artist and curator whose work in video, film, installation, and performance focuses on themes of gender, sexuality, hybridity, mythology, magic, and the interplay between physical and digital worlds. They are the co-curator of the Artists’ Television Access Window Gallery, a co-curator of the GAZE Screening Series, and a co-founder of Almost-Public/Semi-Exposed - an annual showcase of installed performance.

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