Impossible Vessel

Paige Valentine
6 Sessions »Wednesday, June 17-July 22

6:30- 9:30pm | Studio 105 | $295

Materials List

In Impossible Vessel, students will learn handbuilding and detailed underglaze/glazing techniques to defy the expectations of what a pot or vessel can or cannot do; alluding to functionality while playing in the world of sculpture. The course will also  explore ceramic’s history from the utilized vessel to the purely ornamental art object. This class is for beginners to intermediate level makers.

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Paige Valentine, Bay Area based, makes paintings and ceramics.  Her works primarily focused on ceramics play with functionality and detailed underglaze paintings, pulling imagery from her everyday findings, art history, and sentiments of nostalgia.  She received her BFA in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2018. She has exhibited throughout the Bay Area and Los Angeles, including her first solo show at Pt.2 Gallery.