Human Expression - Online

Emily McPeek
8 Sessions »Tuesdays, September 29- November 17

6:00-9:00pm | Online | $385

This course will give students a comprehensive understanding of how to draw and paint faces, using a variety of mediums. The class will begin with understanding the human face structurally with multiple quick, online-class sessions including drawing fellow classmates and drawing from photography. Students will then move on to more advanced painting mediums including oil and watercolor. The class will offer the proper vocabulary and technical skills for every medium we use in drawing and painting, and the assignments will continue to get more challenging. Additionally, we will explore a brief history of portraiture and the class will culminate with a conceptualized self-portrait and critique.

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Emily McPeek grew up in Los Angeles and now works in San Jose in primarily oil paints and watercolors. She received her BA at USC, and had the honor of working as an artist assistant for her instructor Kristin Calabrese. She helped expedite various paintings for a pending show, including her painting Art as Bandaid. At USC Emily also won first place for the Arts in Action: Momentum award sponsored by Volkswagen. The winning piece Women Praying was displayed in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The Kennedy Center later requested two more paintings to show in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2017, she received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and continues to work and exhibit in the bay area.