Experimenting with Noise: Developing a Sonic Studio Practice

Marc Manning
8 Sessions »Thursdays, June 18- August 6

6:00pm-9:00pm | Studio 25 | $385

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This course is intended for artists looking to create a studio practice that derives inspiration from meditation and utilizes sound as a primary expression. Students will learn about equipment, production, composition, performance, and subject matter while exploring different sound sources. Students will be guided in developing a relationship with the medium of sound and how to react to its properties. Individual instruction, group critiques, and in class listening sessions will make up the bulk of the class time. A live performance or installation with critique will comprise the Final Project.

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Marc Manning received a BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in Printmaking and an MFA from California College of Art in Painting. He currently lives and works in San Francisco as a painter and sound artist. He has performed and showed his work on both coasts as well as a few international exhibitions. He is interested in the spiritual space that a painting or sound piece can open up, and  sees these practices as collaborations with unseen forces around him.