Darkroom Film Photography

Alex Peterson
10 Sessions »Wednesdays, June 10- August 12

6:00-9:00pm | Photo Studio Lab | $480

Learn the wonders of black and white darkroom photography in SFAI’s iconic photography department. This course is for beginners to intermediate students to learn the basics of traditional film photography and darkroom printing or to hone their skills. This course will introduce black and white film shooting, hand film development and darkroom silver gelatin printing.  Students will leave the course with a series of prints of their own making. It is recommended that students already be mostly familiar with the manual settings of a film camera, however this information will be briefly covered.

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Alex Peterson was raised in Hong Kong and moved to San Francisco to attend SFAI in 2010 where he received a BFA in photography. Alex has since worked as a product and freelance editorial photographer for the fashion company TheRealReal. Additionally he has worked at the Academy of Art as a Photography Lap Technician and currently works at SFAI as the Equipment Checkout Coordinator. Alex is passionate about teaching, wide applications of photography and fashion!

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