Animated GIF as a Medium (Online)

Tessa Siddle
6 Sessions »Wednesdays, November 18- December 9

5:30-7:30pm | Online | $195

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In this course we will consider the animated GIF and how they’ve been deployed in various artistic contexts including web installations, video art, and digital novels and poetry. We will cover various techniques of making animated GIFs such as crafting animated collages, looping texts, and converting/combining video clips. We will also discuss some of the aesthetic peculiarities of GIFs and digital media more broadly including virality, infinite reproducibility, portability, and more.

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Tessa Siddle is a cross-disciplinary artist and curator whose work in video, film, installation, and performance focuses on themes of gender, sexuality, hybridity, mythology, magic, and the interplay between physical and digital worlds. They are the co-curator of the Artists’ Television Access Window Gallery, a co-curator of the GAZE Screening Series, and a co-founder of Almost-Public/Semi-Exposed - an annual showcase of installed performance.

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