2-D Materials Exploration

Alice Gould
8 Sessions »Wednesdays, October 2- November 20

7:30-10:30pm | FMC STE 27 | $385

Materials List

In this class we will  gather a collection of the most classic artist’s materials, and find out what they’re all about. We will acquire a small supply of each medium and try out their properties, noting their differences and similarities to one another. We will also learn ways to apply, manipulate, and combine the materials. The gamut will include acrylic paint, gouache, oil paint, charcoal, pastels, graphite, ink, watercolor, and spray paint. The explorations will concentrate on mark-making and experimental works. Everyone is welcome to bring their own talents and interests to the table, if desired, and not required! All you will need are the supplies, brushes and surfaces on which to see what these materials can do. Maybe you will emerge with a favorite, maybe you will love them all!  All levels.

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Alice Gould received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the Nova Scotia College or Art and Design, both in the field of Painting. She moved to San Francisco after attending RISD and returned again after grad school, participating in shows at Adobe Books and other local venues as a member of the vital community of artists in the Mission District. Adventure and wilderness exploration have guided her from city to country to wilderness, and back again. Nature informs her work: large to tiny oil canvases and spirited gouache works-on-paper are homages to life forces, weather, plant dynamism, and paint itself.

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