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A Silence Hangs in the Air.

Welcome back intrepid explorers of the world wide web. This is another post from the newly minted, hopefully biweekly, perhaps never-ending, and always interesting: SESSIONS. This is a web-based series of conversations, interviews, artists talks, or performances with members of the SFAI community. SESSIONS functions as a generative platform for dialogue and engagement between SFAI and the universe.

For the second installment, we sit down with SFAI alumni Blanca Bercial García-Bayllo (MA History + Theory of Contemporary Art, 2020) to discuss the sound of silence, emojis, anthropomorphising trash, and a whole host of other things. Watch and enjoy!



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If you like her work, please visit her website while surfing the vast and wild internet ⇢ blancabercial.com

SESSIONS is an online discussion series with 2020 graduates from SFAI’s graduate programs, showcasing the artists and scholars through conversational interviews, artist talks, performances, and more.

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