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Love is in the air in February— and at SFAI! Here’s a Valentine’s Day-worthy interview with Vera Kachouh and Rob Minervini, a couple whose love story began at SFAI.

When and where did you met?

We met as graduate students at San Francisco Art Institute. We were friends for a long time (six years) before we started dating.

When did you start dating?

In 2009, we were both up for the same Graduate Fellowship Program award at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Only one of us got the award—Vera—and the other was offered a spot in the Artist in Residence Program.

Tell us about your first date.

We became close friends at the Headlands and then a few years later we started dating. We went on a road trip adventure from San Francisco to Joshua Tree to New Mexico to Omaha, Nebraska. We documented the trip with an old Polaroid camera. We fell in love driving and listening to the Kinks, which is how “Strangers” became our wedding song. (Also, Vera fell in love with Rob’s cat Girard.)

What happened since then?

We were married at the Headlands Center for the Arts on August 6, 2016 by our SFAI art history professor and dear friend, Claire Daigle. Zeina Barakeh, Director of Graduate Administration, was my best woman. Carissa Potter (MFA, 2010) designed our invitations and made all of our signs. Our wedding was full of SFAI loved ones. Our family.

And now you are married! Congrats! Any plans for this V Day?

We will probably do what we do every year: Cook and eat a delicious meal and cuddle with our cat.


Image credit: 1) Wedding photo courtesy of Vera Kachouh and Rob Minervini.

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