Shaaron Murphy

Adjunct Faculty
Film Faculty

Shaaron Murphy is a director, editor and writer. She has a passion for all aspects of film making, has lectured on the work of directors and on the aesthetics of the editing process. Her work has gained awards for experiment projects, music videos and feature film work. Her editing on The Book: They Came From Inner Space with French filmmaker Richard Weiss took home more than a dozen awards including Los Angeles Movie Awards for Best Editing, 2011, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival for Best Narrative Feature, 2011 and Indie Fest for Award Of Merit: Feature Film. She has worked in features including Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Voyeur. She is currently writing a book on the art of editing, an examination of films and their deconstruction in terms of how editing serves to build powerful representations of the narrative using actor's performance, structure, pacing and other elements of the craft.