Sallie Smith

Chicago, IL
Alumni Regional Chapter Head

BFA, New Genres, 2008

Born in Kalamazoo Michigan in 1983. I studied “New Genres” at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts Prague receiving my BFA in 2008. I received my MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. Primarily focusing within the mediums of performance, video, installation, and photography, I base many of my works on emotional events in ones life, including my own. Videos are installed as loops, multi-channel projections, or with more sculptural components added to or around exhibition space. Performances are both live and for video/photography. Kinship in content and process with those artists who deal with the surreal, expressionistic or the grotesque, I aim to elicit the visceral in viewers’ and through my work. Tired iconic images such as the “blond bombshell,” quickly became a mirror for my self-configured identity, later leading to the appropriation of these archetypes as subject matter in many of my works. Looking through the media and popular culture for truth while at the same time absorbing and becoming apart of it. These struggles are acted out through both scripted and improvisational methods. Through these investigations, I’ve has come to believe, “What separates “art” from more “commercial” endeavors is “art” is often a comment, staging, or replica of that existing in the “real world”, the “commercial”, your life.” My work often walks the line between fantasy and reality “art” and the “commercial.” As does ones life immersed in modernity.