Laura Richard

Instructor II; History and Theory of Contemporary Art Department Chair
History and Theory of Contemporary Art

Laura Richard works in modern and contemporary art and film. Her dissertation, “In Situ and On Location: The Early Works of Maria Nordman,” is a political reappraisal of the films, performances, and rooms made by the artist between 1967 and 1979. Laura was editor-in-chief of Artweek magazine, a writing tutor at San Quentin, and has also taught at UCs Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Her ninety pieces of published art criticism include, “Anthony McCall: The Long Shadow of Ambient Light,” (Oxford Art Journal, 2012) and an essay on Maria Nordman’s Desert Performances (Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art Journal, forthcoming). Her current research interests include theories of temporality and the everyday, women filmmakers, textiles, and endurance art. 


  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2015
  • BA, Kenyon College, 1990