Jacqueline Buttice

Seattle, WA
Alumni Regional Liaison

MFA Design and Technology 2014

Jacqueline Buttice has lived her life in the arts. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she grew up in the record business where she first started playing a Casio keyboard and later created her own electronic music band ShE~RaWk! In 2002 she received her Bachelor’s of Art in Computing and the Arts from the University of California, San Diego where she studied under Lev Manovich and David Antin. After graduating, she became a web developer and worked at DivX (the pioneers of video-codec software) where she learned to code in HTML and JavaScript. For the last ten years she has lived and worked in Silicon Valley and spearheaded web and mobile projects for Stanford University and other clients. Longing for other women to join her in her artistic and technological endeavors, she decided to go back to school to inspire the next generation of female digital artists in hopes of teaching them how to be hackers/inventors and creators. In 2012, she started her MFA in Design and Technology at San Francisco Art Institute where she studied under Lynn Hershmann Leeson and Letiticia Sonami. After graduating with honors, Jacqueline relocated to Seattle where she recently cofounded the Guild of Friendly Women—a peer-based learning group and social club for women. She now has her own art studio and is working as a web consultant for various clients around the globe.