Christina Kolozsvary


Christina Kolozsvary is an experimental filmmaker, who creates narrative landscapes for dreams and desires to manifest and dominate the diegesis. The world she creates is a realm trapped in the tenuous logic of a dream; not embedded in a concrete time or place, but rather, within a constant loop of nostalgia and kitsch.

She was raised in South Florida, and spent several years of her life living in Spain, Hungary, Germany and France. She has a MFA in film and video from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and she has taught at the Pratt Institute, and the San Francisco Art Institute.

In the past, Christina Kolozsvary has worked with artists and filmmakers such as Laurel Nakadate, Natasha Lyonne, James Franco, and Ericka Beckman. She has screened her films internationally, and has toured the United States and Europe in programs of experimental shorts. She is currently working on her first feature film. 

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