Chris Manfield

Public Education Faculty
Public Education

I’m an artist, educator, contractor and a father. I use the name Chris Manfield to operate within the realm of post-colonial art commodities. It’s an adaptation from the name my grandfather and father gave me. I was named 陈士田 after “士 - scholar” and “田 - rice field”. My father registered my legal given name as Christian Tan(Adi) due to the political climate in Indonesia when I was born, in Bandung, Jawa Barat on July 7th of 1994.

I graduated with my bachelor’s of fine art degree in photography with a minor in printmaking from San Francisco Art Institute in 2018. I worked for the International Center of Photography until 2019 when I moved back to the west coast to get my master’s degree in Studio Art from San Francisco Art Institute in 2021 where I was nominated as SFAI’s 150th anniversary graduate commencement speaker, outstanding MFA student, MFA exhibition best in show, and recipient of the John Collier grant and awards.