Carol Manahan

Adjunct Faculty
Liberal Arts Faculty

Carol J. Manahan, PhD, researches the ethical basis of social movements. Her current project considers contemporary resistance to genetic engineering in agriculture. Critics of genetic engineering bring together food security, risk aversion, and social, economic and cultural rights arguments to support an ethic of resistance, based in community self-reliance and a distinctive view of ecological and sustainable agriculture. Economic historian Karl Polanyi concluded that liberal economics requires that society be treated as adjunct to the self-regulating market; Carol argues that risk-benefit analysis and corporate rights require that farmers and consumers be treated as secondary to the system of production;


  • PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA
  • MDiv, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA
  • MA, Art, San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA
  • BA, Human Ecology, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME