Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton

Senior Lecturer

Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton's paintings hew closely to the formal parameters of traditional portraiture, informed by tropes drawn from the comic books, illustrations and fashion imagery which formed her aesthetic: an isolated figure on a blank ground, a hard, defined outline, a frontal, relatively symmetrical pose, and a close examination of the 'presentation' inherent in the intricacies of costume and its concomitant social cues. The subjects function simultaneously as individuals and as complex blends of cultural types drawn from both existing fictional narratives and lived experience; sometimes they're chosen to represent a more abstract or even ideal concept of personality.

Selected Exhibitions: 

  • The Future is Now, Gallery Paule Anglim, 2007
  • Art School Confidential: Dan Clowes/Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton, Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, 2006
  • Used and Amused, Jan Baum Gallery, 2000

Selected Publications: 

  • Art School Confidential, a Screenplay, Fantagraphics Books, 2006


  • MFA, University of California, Berkeley
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley
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