Alumni Regional Chapters

Meet or reconnect with SFAI Alumni

SFAI Alumni Association’s new Regional Chapters provide opportunities to stay connected with fellow alumni in their area. Feel free to reach out to a Regional Liaison to learn more about upcoming gatherings, or just for some good tips when you’re moving or traveling to their areas.

Interested in becoming a Regional Liaison? Contact Brianna Hyneman—

North America

Maria Theresa Barbist
Miami, Florida
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Photo of Maria Theresa Barbist
Jacqueline Buttice
Los Angeles, CA
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Photo of Jacqueline Buttice
Amir Saber Esfahani
San Francisco, CA
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Photo of Amir Saber Esfahani
Rachel Mack
Seattle, WA
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Jude Mooney
Napa / Sonoma
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Photo of Jude Mooney
Walt Ohnesorge
Lawrence, Kansas
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Photo of Walt Ohnesorge
Lauren Shaw
Brooklyn, New York
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Photo of Lauren Shaw
Monica Vazquez
Mexico City, Mexico
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Photo of Monica Vazquez
Cristina Velázquez
San Francisco, CA
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Ian Mitchell Wallace
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Pablo D’Antoni
Benicàssim, Spain
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Photo of Pablo D’Antoni
Ross De Wayne Campbell
Berlin, Germany
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Photo of Ross De Wayne Campbell
Mary George
London, England
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Photo of Mary George
Sonja Meller
Linz, Austria
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Photo of Sonja Meller

South America

Juan Pablo Pacheco
Bogotá, Colombia
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Photo of Juan Pablo Pacheco