Lian Ladia (PB 2006)

Lian Ladia is a San Francisco-based curator and organizer who received a Post Baccalaureate degree in Photography from SFAI in 2006. Ladia completed an MA in Curatorial Studies at Bard College and participated as a curatorial program participant in de Appel Art Centre in Amsterdam. Ladia co-founded Planting Rice, an important cultural and curatorial platform founded in Manila, Philippines that promotes contemporary art discourse of Southeast Asia otherwise unavailable via mainstream media outlets.

We sat down with Lian as she prepared for her departure to Asia where she has organized presentation materials and related talks on the work of esteemed SFAI painting professor and alumni, Carlos Villa (BFA, ‘61) (1936-2013) for the 2019 Singapore Biennale. 



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Yari Ostovany (MFA 1995), reflecting on his years as a graduate student writes, “My time at SFAI no doubt was very intense and opened me up towards new directions.” During his study he credits faculty Jeremy Morgan, Sam Tchakalian and Carlos Villa as “the best thing that happened to me.” He continues, “They have had deep impact not only on my work, but also on my life. They are (were in case of Carlos and Sam, who are unfortunately no longer with us) not only amazing artists but also wonderful human beings and what they taught me goes way beyond the classroom and the studio.” When asked about the challenges he says, “There were frictions as well and teachers that I butt heads with which in the end helped my growth as it forced me to look for my own voice in my work. In the end though what needs to settle in one’s soul does and what needs to go away goes away. The MFA program at SFAI was amazing and intense time for me.”

Continue reading as Yari discusses his creative process, the spirituality in his work, and why he’s decided to relocated his studio to the West Coast…





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