Transfer to SFAI

Transfer Applicants

On this page you'll find information about applying as a transfer student and step-by-step application instructions. 

Students planning to transfer to SFAI in the future are strongly recommended to take an average of 2 liberal arts and 3 studio introductory courses eligible for transfer (see Articulation Agreements) each semester prior to applying to SFAI for a smoother transition. Students who do not transfer in this balance of courses may need a substantively adjusted schedule during their first semester or two at SFAI.

Scholarship Opportunity

Direct transfer students from any California community college pursuing their first bachelor’s degree will be automatically eligible for a Transfer Scholarship in the amount of $20,000 provided that they are admissible to SFAI with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. There will be no limit to the number of scholarships available each semester and no additional application required to receive funds.


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Articulation Agreements

Want to know which courses at your college will transfer to SFAI?

SFAI has articulation agreements either in place, or in the final planning stages, with the community colleges listed below. Check this page frequently for updated information related to transfer credit policy and articulation agreements:

City College of San Francisco (CCSF)
Contra Costa College (CCC)
Foothill College (Foothill)
Memphis College of the Arts (MCA)
Santa Monica College (SMC)

General Requirements from California Colleges

SFAI accepts up to 60 semester credits for transfer.

For all California Community Colleges, State, and UC's that use IGETC, the following chart depicts the basic list of IGETC areas SFAI accepts for certain SFAI requirements of all bachelor's level programs. Courses SFAI accepts for transfer are not limited to courses in the IGETC areas below. If there is a course that does not have an IGETC area assigned, contact or consult the Articulation Agreement for your school if available.

SFAI Requirement
(credits are semster-based)
IGETC Area SFAI accepts
English Compsition A (3.0 credits required) 1A 
English Composition B (3.0 credits required) 1B
Math or Science (3.0 credits required) 2A or 5
Humanities (6.0 credits required) 3B
Social Science (3.0 credits required) 4
Liberal Arts Electives (9.0 credits required) 1,2,3,4,5 & LOTE (non-conversational foreign language course)
Art History Elective (3.0 credits for BFA; 21.0 credits for BA, maximum of 15.0 may be transferred in) 3A with historical emphasis

For other art history and/or  major specific requirements, contact or view Articulation Agreement if available.

Official Transcripts

All transfers for both incoming and continuing students require official transcripts of courses petitioned for transfer. 

  • Official transcripts are sealed in an envelope with appropriate stamp or seal from the institution.
  • Must be submitted at the time of application for incoming students; submitted once grades are posted from outside institutions for continuing students
  • Failure to submit all transcripts may result in a change of admission status or academic standing/progress
  • All documents submitted for evaluation become the property of SFAI regardless of admissions or concurrent registration decision