Tuition + Fees

Tuition is the most significant cost of attending SFAI, but it is often reduced or managed by varying forms of financial aid. Tuition and fee amounts are established annually and are subject to change.

The following are estimated costs for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Your individual costs may vary depending on lifestyle choices, costs of books and materials, personal expenditures, and/or transportation expenses.

2021 - 2022 Cost of Attendance


  On Campus Off Campus
Tuition $ n/a $45,664
Fees $ n/a $400
Room/Housing $ n/a $14,500
Cafe Card $ n/a    n/a
Board/Meals $ n/a $2,850
Books/Supplies $ n/a $1,500
Transportation $ n/a $1,590
Misc. Personal $ n/a $2,570
Total $ n/a $69,074


Graduate + Post-Baccalaureate

  Off Campus
Tuition $47,850
Fees $400
Room/Housing $14,500
Board/Meals $2,850
Books/Supplies $2,200
Transportation $1,590
Misc. Personal $2,570
Total $71,960



  • Part-time students are charged by unit for tuition. Students taking more than 15 units are charged the full-time rate plus the per-unit rate for each unit above 15 units.
  • Proof of student health insurance is mandatory for all students enrolled in 6 credit units or more.  A Student Health Insurance Plan is offered through SFAI and is automatically added to your student billing account unless proof of coverage is submitted within the waiver period.

Student Health Insurance Cost:

Undergraduate = $2,283 /yr

Graduate = $3,363 /yr

Sample Tuition Breakdown for 2021–2022

BA, BFA, and Non-Degree Students (Undergraduate)

  1–11 units 12–15 units per semester Over 15 units per semester
Tuition per semester $2,000 per unit $22,832 flat rate $22,832 flat rate, plus $2,000 each unit taken above 15 units


Post-Baccalaureate (PB), MA, and MFA Students (Graduate)

  1–11 units 12–15 units per semester Over 15 units per semester
Tuition per semester $2,100 per unit $23,925 flat rate $23,925 flat rate, plus $2,100 each unit taken above 15 units

For information about tuition payments (deadlines, payment plan options, refund policies, and how to pay your bill online), please visit the Payment page.

Net-Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator allows you to estimate your financial aid eligibility as a full-time freshman or as a transfer student. Sources of funding are made available by federal and state governments as well as SFAI.

Estimates are based on the current cost of attendance and financial aid available and are subject to change without prior notice.



Fee Rates

Fee Who Pays Amount
Student Activity Fee All students  n/a
Technology Fee All students enrolled in 6 or more units $200 per semester
Materials Fee BFA, MFA, Dual Degree MA/MFA,  Post-Baccalaureate and Non Degree students enrolled in 6 or more units  n/a
Materials Fee BA, MA students enrolled in 6 or more units  n/a
Off-Campus Travel / Special Materials Courses that involve off-campus travel or special materials requirements carry special fees that are charged upon enrollment. See course descriptions for details.  n/a
Summer Facilities Fee Students who are not enrolled in summer courses but would like to use SFAI's facilities during summer  n/a
Orientation Fee All incoming students, one-time fee during first semester.    n/a
BFA Graduate Exhibition  Graduating BFA students  $150
MFA Graduate Exhibition and Catalogue Graduating MFA students  $300
MFA Final Review Graduating MFA students not enrolled in classes  $300


Fees for Exchange Students

Fee Who Pays Amount
Student Activity Fee Incoming exchange students  n/a
Technology Fee Incoming exchange students  n/a
Materials Fee Incoming exchange students  n/a
Any fees assessed by foreign institution

Outgoing SFAI exchange students

Outgoing SFAI exchange students do not pay the Materials Fee, Technology Fee, or Student Activity Fee to SFAI