Statement Against Intolerance

From Lonnie Graham, SFAI Board Chair

On behalf of the SFAI Community

In the face of each tragedy, we find a bond.

We reach out and reinforce the relationships we have with our friends and families with assurances of solidarity. We stand together and march. We speak out against the pitiful inadequacy that exists within us. For a few moments or a few weeks, sometimes months or even by presidential decree, we are motivated toward a resolution. In the exceptional case, things may change. But that change can seem as slow as evolution. This is the heart of the matter. There is no doubt that the thinking and rational human has evolved beyond the primal impulse of tribalism. Fear and misunderstanding, and irrational impulses still exist among us.

With each loss, we grieve. Illogical acts evade our common understanding. But as our society continues to reveal aspects of itself as something less than inclusive and more than fearful, we can not, and we should not be satisfied with solidarity. It becomes our responsibility to stand together and face tyranny, fear and prejudice, and intolerance. We must take the responsibility to evolve toward empathy.

Until we take a step toward activating our society against intolerance, we will continue to grieve for those of us in communities of every creed who suffer at the hands of violence.

Care for our communities. Stand against hate.