Campus Safety + Security

Effective campus security is the concern of all SFAI staff, faculty, students, and visitors.

SFAI encourages the active participation of all staff, faculty, and students in campus security activities as the most effective means of ensuring safety on campus.

The use and security of SFAI’s campuses are affected and influenced by the following factors:

  • SFAI is an urban campus. Our buildings are located in densely populated and desirable neighborhoods such as Russian Hill, near Fisherman’s Wharf; the Marina district along the northern waterfront; and Lower Nob Hill, near Union Square.
  • The unique architectural qualities of the main campus with its irregular shape, openness, and numerous access points make it difficult to secure.
  • Institutional policies actively encourage public access and involvement.
  • Institutional philosophy encourages freedom of expression.

Despite these constraints and realities, it is the policy of SFAI to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible.

SFAI’s Campus Security Policies will be reviewed, revised, and circulated to all SFAI staff, faculty, and students on an annual basis.