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Spring 2017 Course Schedule

Intermediate to Advanced Video Production
February 28–April 18
7:30–10:30 pm
Tuesdays Malic Amalya Write, film, and edit a short, transgressive film using extreme practices and techniques. $350 Film Register
Intermediate and Advanced Painting
January 25-March 8
Wednesdays Glenn Hirsch Explore the content of your work through visual and verbal analysis as well as individual instruction, technical assignments, a museum field trip, and the use of unusual materials $380 Painting Add to Waitlist
Meadow Mind
March 25–April 29
10 am–1pm
Saturday Genine Lentine Dig in the fresh spring soil and cultivate your garden skills in SFAI's historic meadow as you explore plant care, soil-building, seed starting, composting, pruning, and water conservation in this course focused on observation, generativity, empathy, and resilience. $275 New Genres Register
A San Francisco Dérive: Defying the Urban Landscape Intensive
March 20–24
10 am–4 pm
Monday–Friday Annie Albagli Using unplanned journeys, or dérives, as a starting point, you will explore your urban landscape and create experimental outdoor constructions to defy the logical route. $460 New Genres Register
Art & the Symbolic Process
February 1-April 26 No session March 22 due to Spring Break
7:30–10:30 pm
Wednesdays Eugenia-alana Mitsanas Study the function, nature, and power of symbols as you practice conscious, creative engagement with the archetypal world through personal symbols. You will develop an understanding of the depth and meaning of symbols in art—personally, collectively, and historically. $530 Artist-Driven Experience, New Genres Closed
Graphic Design: A Letter Never Stands Alone
February 2-April 27 No session March 23 due to Spring Break
6:30–9:30 pm
Thursdays Elisabeth Ajtay Learn the basics of how to use digital image software like Photoshop, vector-based Illustrator and InDesign for brochure/book layouts by exploring your creativity and creating personal projects that broaden your perception of visual culture. $530 Art & Technology Closed
Experiments in Moving Digital Images
March 29-May 3
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesdays Victoria Scott Experiment with shooting, collaging and animating stills and video to create basic stop motion, GIFs and short image loops for screen and site-specific projection. $275 Art & Technology Register
Space, Site, Intervention
March 4 (rainy-day back-up March 11)
10 am–4 pm
Saturday Amy Berk Refuel and unlock your creativity in this one-day workshop as you explore and build a site-specific piece after taking a trip to the Presidio to view the work of Andy Goldsworthy. $100 New Genres Register
The Mind and Body in Space
February 7-March 14
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Amy M. Ho Examine the charged physiological and psychological relationships between architecture and installation art in this course as you complete readings, participate in discussions, and create your own spatially-charged work. $275 New Genres Closed
Installation Art: Interruptions, Interventions + Illusions
March 29-May 3
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesdays Joanne Easton Transform your perception of the everyday as you create installations that interrupt, intervene, or create illusions for the viewer. $275 New Genres Register
Introduction to Drawing
February 1-April 26 No session March 22 due to Spring Break
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesdays Tana Quincy Focus on observational drawing, playful exploration with media, and mark-making. Short (2 minutes) to long (10 hours) exercises will provide foundational understanding of both traditional and contemporary drawing approaches. $530 Drawing Closed
Drawing Games
February 23-March 16
6:30–9:30 pm
Thursdays Beth Krebs Reconnect to the joy in making as you respond to a series of prompts designed to lower the stakes and encourage experiments. $185 Artist-Driven Experience, Drawing Register
Drawing in Space Intensive
April 1-15
11 am–2 pm
Saturdays Lisa Rybovich Crallé Starting from drawing, transform your ideas to a three-dimensional installation in this fast-paced, three-session workshop. $135 Artist-Driven Experience, Drawing Register
Introduction to Oil Painting
January 31-April 25 No session March 21 due to Spring Break
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations, and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $530 Painting Add to Waitlist
Intermediate Oil Painting Techniques
March 29-May 3
6:30–9:30 pm
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Experiment with a variety of painting mediums. Investigate glazing, alla prima and pigment properties in oil painting. Become more fluent in the language of oil painting by working on a new skillset every class session. $275 Painting Register
Watercolor Portraits
February 2-April 27 No session March 23 due to Spring Break
6:30–9:30 pm
Thursdays Felicita Norris Work from life and photo references as you create psychologically demanding and conceptually challenging watercolor portraits to make personal visual statements. $530 Painting Closed
The Feminist Painter
February 4-April 22
10 am–1pm
Saturdays Danielle Lawrence Explore female artists and notions of femininity as you complete painting assignments aimed to deepen your material and conceptual interests. $530 Painting Closed
Advanced Color Exploration
January 31-March 21
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Mel Prest Expand your color language and personalize your color approaches with advanced color exercises, discussion and readings. $350 Painting Closed
Introduction to Digital Photography
January 31-April 25 No session March 21 due to Spring Break
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Brian Dean Get acquainted with your digital camera and its various functions, learn basic editing skills in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera RAW, as well as the printing process in this introductory digital photography course. $530 Photography Closed
Learning to See
April 12-May 17
7:30–10:30 pm
Wednesdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Study camera functions, design elements and principles, and conceptual strategies to make compelling photographs through shooting assignments aimed to activate your personal vision and creativity. $275 Photography Register
Photoshop Workshop: Basic Photo Corrections & Retouching
January 31 + February 7
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Elisabeth Ajtay Explore the uses of Adobe Photoshop to remove, correct, and manipulate flaws in original images in order to successfully retouch analog images without leaving digital marks. $100 Photography Closed
Photographic Studio Lighting
February 9-March 16
7:30–10:30 pm
Thursdays Tom Loughlin Manipulate light in your photographs to enhance, accent, or create a desired mood as you gain skills understanding light sources, modifiers, filters, and lighting practices. $275 Photography Closed
From Traditional to Digital Photography
February 1-March 22
7:30–10:30 pm
Wednesdays Dana Morrison Learn how to scan, edit, and print high-quality digital images from analog film in this course focused on technology, and process. $350 Photography Closed
Documentary Photography: From Concept to Exhibition
March 25–April 29
11 am–2 pm
Saturdays Judith Walgren Create a personal documentary photography project and learn how to present your project as an exhibition, book, zine, and/or multimedia piece. $275 Photography Add to Waitlist
Special Projects: A Photography Tutorial
January 31, February 7, and April 18 with three intensive small group meetings to be scheduled throughout the semester
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Chris Grunder Receive focused feedback on your personal photography projects in this course with an intensive tutorial structure aimed at substantive individual progress. $530 Photography Closed
January 28-March 4
12–3 pm
Saturdays Kathryn Kain Explore the basics of intaglio printmaking as you create images on copper plates using a variety of techniques. $275 Printmaking Closed
Artists’ Books: Intimate Technologies
March 18-April 22
Saturdays Ariel Hansen Strong Explore the artist's book as a vehicle for voice and creative vision. Address and apply the technology's unique values, as well as learn a variety of printmaking and bookbinding techniques. $300 (includes a $25 materials fee) Printmaking Register
Translating Drawing Into Sculpture: Ceramic Handbuilding
February 9-May 4 No session March 23 due to Spring Break
7:30–10:30 pm
Thursdays Matt Goldberg Beginning from drawing, create plans for—and realize—clay sculptures in order to work consistently and effectively while learning ceramic handbuilding techniques. $530 Ceramics Closed
Tree to Object: Practical Woodworking for Sculpture
February 8-April 19 No session March 22 due to Spring Break
7:30–10:30 pm
Wednesdays Marshall Elliott Develop the skills to work with wood as a contemporary sculptural medium, focusing on the use of accessible hand tools and a range of wood types. $480 Sculpture Closed
Sculptural Installation
March 28-May 2
6:30–9:30 pm
Tuesdays Carrie Hott Push your work to a larger scale and you make sculptural installations while learning about immersive art experiences and artists working in the medium. $275 Sculpture Register
Intermediate Drawing
March 11–April 29
11 am–2 pm
Saturdays Terry Powers Investigate conceptual aspects of drawing as you strengthen your technical skills, and gain insight into your personal artistic voice. $350 Drawing Register