Expenses & Fees

Due Date May 30

For residents: $4,850

For commuters: $3,000

  • Tuition for two studio courses, including 4 units of college credit, Friday Workshops, and Art In Context: $3,000 (includes $100 nonrefundable deposit)
  • Residential Program: $1,850 (includes $100 nonrefundable deposit)

"There is nothing more valuable than a community of artists who live, learn, and create alongside each other. I’ve found so much inspiration in my classmates and teachers. This program has broadened my definition of art itself. The SFAI environment—the entire atmosphere of it—has challenged me as a student and as a visual artist.”

Myles Lowrie-Otter
Milwauke, OR

Art Supplies

Students receive a supply list for each course prior to the program’s start date. You are expected to have all supplies at the start of PreCollege. Please note that supplies for most courses are approximately $100 to $250.

Living Costs

Although every student budget is unique, all students will need some spending money for weekday dinners, weekend meals, snacks, and other miscellaneous items. On average, students spend approximately $180 per week, but could spend less if they are committed to cooking and grocery shopping.


Need-based scholarships are available to a limited number of students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Scholarships are reviewed using the Federal Methodology approved by Congress to estimate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Families with an EFC less than the cost of attendance will be considered for partial tuition-scholarships.

The number of students demonstrating need often outweighs our giving capacity. As a result, scholarship recipients receive partial-tuition scholarships. We encourage you to apply for a scholarship with SFAI, but to also look into alternative scholarship opportunities (such as crowdfunding campaigns, local businesses, personal art sales, etc.).

Your acceptance to the program is not affected in any way if you apply for a scholarship. Scholarship application forms are available online or upon request and must be received with your completed application materials to be considered.

Review will begin February 1, 2017.


All students who successfully complete SFAI’s PreCollege program will be eligible to receive these merit based scholarships. Scholarship awards are based on extraordinary achievement during the PreCollege program and are nominated by Faculty. 

  • Rising Seniors/Graduated Seniors—$50,000 dispersed over four years at SFAI. This highly competitive scholarship will be dispersed to the recipient(s) upon application and admission to SFAI’s undergraduate program. This award may not be combined with other academic scholarships. Up to four top performing students may receive this award.  
  • Rising Juniors—$1,000 award for recipient(s) to attend SFAI’s Pre-College program again the following summer. Up to four top performing students may receive this award.

Refund Policy

Last day for a 100% refund minus $100 deposits ($200 total if in housing), with written notice, is Friday, May 19, 2017.

Last day for an 80% refund minus $100 deposits ($200 total if in housing), with written notice, is Monday, June 12, 2017.

Last day for a 50% refund minus $100 deposits ($200 total if in housing), with written notice, is Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

No refunds after Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

IMPORTANT: No tuition or other fees are refunded to a student who is asked to leave the program for a violation of school policies or regulations.