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Nothing Happens
Sunday, Sep 21, 2014 - Saturday, Sep 27, 2014
Diego Rivera Gallery

Participating Artists: Sebastian Bates, Gregorio Figueroa, Adam Hydock, Dallas Holfeltz, Sofia Sinibaldi

Pull out the tools and the truck-beds. Clear the attic. Once you start penetrating 3-D 

(3-D-3-D-3-D-3), [ space ] becomes precious. Slow suffocation as the detritus 

of old ideas build up like bricks closing you into your tomb. All your life work, three 

inches of dust, clogged lungs sit back and drink to the good old times, prepping the 

plaster to put down the story that’s left and retold, within old molds. 


Denying an object’s purpose of existence--an imitation of itself? tRANSformatioN 

(or just problems). Accumulation and lack of content --SOMETHING AND