Exhibitions & Public Events

Not Asking How Far
Sunday, Oct 19, 2014 - Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
Diego Rivera Gallery

Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 21, 5–7 pm

Participating Artists: Hadar Kleiman, Cait Molloy, and Xiao Wang
Curated by Kathryn Barulich

Not Asking How Far combines the familiar and strange, producing a physical and psychological uneasiness in the viewer that is impossible to objectively define and difficult to communicate, even in the realm of symbols. When something is simultaneously known and unknown, we move toward a breaking point—unsure of where we are, but knowing we are not at the point of re-stabilizing.

Hadar Kleiman’s dioramic installations question the novelty of decorative objects and their assumed functionality, and how they inhabit their own space in a room, leading one to question the of objects and the spaces that they inhabit.

Cait Molloy intervenes into natural landscapes, creating images of temporary structures as an antithesis of domestication.

Xiao Wang addresses the idea of the uncanny in his paintings that evocatively illustrate spaces and objects that seemed ordinary yet strange and surreal, function as lenses, offering alternative frames for viewing the works that hang on the walls.

Functioning together, the different media in Not Asking How Far disrupt the space to create an artificial atmosphere of unease through a combination of disorientations.