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Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014 - Saturday, Nov 22, 2014
Diego Rivera Gallery

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 18, 5–7 pm

The possibility of belonging, to be a part of something, is one of the most generative searches of our physical and metaphysical existence. To occupy a determined time and space is promoted as the ultimate solidification of identity. Yet, with contemporary ties and the dialogical experience of being, dislocation often becomes the referent for our ideas and feelings of belonging (or the absence of belonging).

[BeLong] is an exploration into the possibility of belonging, a questioning of the frames that constitute us. The artists demonstrate the instability and dynamism of this concept—challenging the different ways of belonging to a representational medium; questioning the construction of language and other modes of address; or simply recognizing the boundaries that establish existence.

The state of belonging, rather than a fixed and static concept, seems to be more accurately represented by a play with the word’s semantic structure: A constant state of longing, a search for place and space, a fluid movement of the body within the frames of possibilities offered by different structures; a state of belonging.

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[BeLong] Opening Reception
Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Diego Rivera Gallery
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