Exhibitions & Public Events

Food Coma
Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 - Saturday, Oct 18, 2014
Diego Rivera Gallery

Opening Reception: Tuesday, October 14, 5–7 pm
Participating Artists: Rhys Bambrick, Hadar Kleiman, Sam Spano, and Charlotte Hodgson

Food Coma unites four artists working with a variety of materials to confront the voracious consumption and fetishization of all things edible in today’s society.

Hadar Kleiman examines the shallowness of easy pleasures in American culture, where capitalism inherently mobilizes the simplicity of food past its vital purpose to nourish and into a status symbol. Reflecting on the absurdity that the most affluent diners are also those who dread being anything but thin, Kleiman rebuffs this parade of money and indulgence by making astatic, strange artworks.

Rhys Bambrock creates bloated artifacts of a consumer society weighed down by its own pleasure. By reimagining affluent objects in hazardous materials, Bambrock hopes to entice some and revolt others with the delicate balance between nourishment and intoxication. 

Sam Spano was a self-described “fat-kid” who relied on food to calm his anxieties. Employing narratives of over-eating in his painting, Spano speaks to our communal excess and the emptiness of bliss that comes with a full stomach.

Charlotte Hodgson has fashioned an impossibly colorful and festively inedible cake out of rich pigments and plaster that begs to be visually consumed. By conflating decoration and gestural painting, she playfully casts doubt on the conceptual loft of abstract expressionism.