Clubs & Organizations

Join a group that fits your interests

Student clubs and organizations sponsor activities, events, and programs at SFAI throughout the year. Join an active group, or work with the Student Affairs Office to start a new one, at any time! 

To join or get more information about one of these groups, contact the Student Affairs Office at 415.749.4524.

God of Gamers (GOG)

GOG is for people who like games. In our group we'll learn about and play a variety of games through casual meetings as well as tournaments.

Founded: Fall 2014


SFAEYE was created by and for students at San Francisco Art Institute. Established in 1973, SFAEYE is the Art Institute's longest-running student newspaper. After 36 years out of print, the Eye was revived in the Fall of 2016. 

A print edition of SFAEYE is released quarterly. 


Red House Gallery

Red House Gallery provides an alternative solo-show space for artists attending SFAI.  Our aim is to work in an open, experimental manner to supply artists working in all forms of media and dimensions with an opportunity to showcase their works in highly individualized methods.  A unique approach will be taken for the consideration of artists’ ideas – meaning that we will meet the needs to best represent each piece of work by all of our exhibiting artists within the limits of our space. Our Gallery allows the Directors and Administrators hands-on experience with curating carefully selected exhibitions, while also allowing the exhibiting artists to practice showing their work and representing themselves.  Our gallery space furnishes artists the freedom and flexibility of showing 2-D, 3-D, sound, and performance pieces both indoors and outdoors.     

Our website will also act as both an archival space as well as an online publication for reviews of each show to be published, providing a globally accessible resource for the artists to increase their reach and writers to practice their analytical writing skills.

Founded: Fall 2015

Tea & Heresies

T&H is a casual feminist critique salon for feminist identified students as well as people who are curious about feminism and want to learn more. We meet once a month to discuss intersectional feminist issues, plan and create art interventions to engage the greater SFAI community, and hold critiques of student work. Tea and Heresies is open to all students, both undergrad and grad, and people of all genders are welcome. As bell hooks said, “feminism is for everybody.” We hope to see you there!

Founded: Fall 2014


Alliance has been formed to offer a brave space for students in the LGBTQAI community to convene socially and in support of each other, create a sense of cohesion amongst the SFAI population around issues of gender and sexual expression and identity, and provide a format for support and conversation as it relates to topics relevant to the organization. Alliance is strictly run by students, for students, and is a space where students can collectively dialogue through issues that arise.

Founded: 2016

SFAI Futbol Club

The purpose of our club is to provide an outlet for exercise, stress relief, and most importantly fun, while bringing the diverse community that is SFAI together through the most popular sport in the world. Futsal, a form of soccer, uses four field players and a keeper on a team and can be played on any basketball court, making it a fast and fun game that anyone can play anywhere.

Founded: Fall 2016

Bubble Club!

Bubble Club! is a new, open collective about to take over! Offering six “PVC Water Walking Balls” for purposes ranging from alternative exhibitions and installations, performances, group excursions, sports and games, entertainment, and general experimental possibilities.

Founded: Spring 2017

Paint Café

Offering a fun non-academic place to figure paint with oils. This club is open to anyone and everyone, painters and non-painters. You can come and use the oil paints provided or bring your own supplies. Any medium is ok. One objective is to create a community around the paint club, come regularly, or only once, if you have never used oils, just ask the person next to you. Oils are expensive, we want to provide a place where one can experiment with oil paint, and potentially have access to use a color or two they have never tried before. Experiment, have fun, and improve your craft via one hour paint sessions, where your fellow students will be the model, even you will have the opportunity to be painted.

Founded: Spring 2017

Register a New Group

Starting a new club or organization is a simple process:

  • Write a charter statement detailing the purpose of your group. This statement informs others about why the group exists and could pique someone’s interest in joining your group.
  • Download a Student Group Registration Packet or pick one up in the Student Affairs Office.
  • Submit completed forms to the Student Affairs Office.

Officially recognized student groups enjoy:

  • Special funding consideration from Student Union and LOGS
  • Recognition on the SFAI website