Meditation + Movement in Drawing

Sarah Ammons
10 Sessions »Wednesdays, January 31–March 21

7:30–10:30pm | Studio 16A | $480

No prerequisite. Students in this class will be engaging in a series of drawing and yoga exercises. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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Meditation and Movement in Drawing is a course designed to help you turn off your oh-so-controlling Left Brain, and employ and nourish your creative Right Brain. Led by artist and yogi, Sarah Ammons, you will engage in a series of drawing and yoga exercises to help you to shift away from the logical, and embrace the creative. We will seek to achieve an altered state of consciousness while working, where time melts away, and where the mind is free to wander—leading to profound realizations and self-discovery. Drawing exercises aim to help you achieve this shift in consciousness, while the paired yoga sequences help you feel strong, and more open in your body. This combination will take you to new levels of creativity, self-awareness and relaxation, which may be just the break you need from a technology-dominated, logic-driven life.

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Sarah Ammons studied drawing and painting at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and also completed coursework in art history and philosophy. After receiving her BFA with honors from Queen’s, she completed her MFA at SFAI. Ammons was the recipient of a Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award and scholarship, in addition to merit-based graduate grants from SFAI. Upon graduation, she was awarded the Graduate Fellowship Award at the Headlands Center for the Arts. As she currently enjoys this year-long residency, Ammons continues to explore themes of psychoanalysis, love/loss, and the struggle of relationships in her work through various techniques in contemplative drawing and painting.

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