Checklists + FAQ

Proposal Checklist

The ideal proposal will address the following criteria:

  • Bar/lounge space should accommodate 10 (min)–40 people.
  • Consider space for glassware, counter space to serve and mix drinks, and a designated area for bar staff.
  • Please describe your lounge seating plan, considering accommodations for older guests or guests with limited mobility. SFAI may provide basic rented seating such as chairs and bar stools as needed.
  • Proposals should consider alcoholic and/ or non alcoholic beverages.
  • Proposals should indicate site-specific preferences from the art bar/lounge areas map.
  • Installations should be designed for transportation and should be easily broken down and removed at the completion of the event weekend.

Budget Checklist

Selected artists will be provided with a $7,500 stipend to cover all materials, production expenses, transport, installation, and de-installation of the bar/lounge.

Please consider the following within your budget proposal:

  • Cost of materials
  • Production costs
  • Transportation to and from the site
  • Travel
  • Artist’s honoraria and labor costs


Who is eligible to apply?
A goal of this event is to engage and celebrate SFAI’s incredible community of alumni artists. We look forward to including alums who have had formative and meaningful experiences as students at SFAI with a desire to celebrate and give back to current students. Exhibiting artists must have attended SFAI for at least one semester. If you are applying as a group, at least one member must meet the above criteria.

What materials, supplies, and labor will SFAI supply related to my installation?
SFAI will provide all food, beverages, staffing, and service equipment required for your bar/lounge. SFAI may also provide rented seating, on a case-by-case basis.

Current SFAI students may be available to assist with some fabrication and installation. Should you foresee including current students, please describe in your proposal how this interaction would be informative and beneficial to them.

What materials should I plan for my $7,500 stipend to cover?
Selected artists are responsible for all materials, production expenses, transport and travel, installation and de-installation. In your proposal, please include a plan for how you will expend the stipend if selected.

Can I collaborate with a bartender or chef?
The bar/lounge should allow for a functional space to serve beverages and food. Artists will not be responsible for providing the food, beverages, staffing, or service equipment. Once selected, there will be an opportunity for artists to consult and collaborate with a bartender, designated by SFAI, to create a drink that complements the installation. Should you desire to include drink/food service as a performative element, please describe with as much detail as possible in your proposal. The artist may make recommendations regarding the food and beverage menu, however, SFAI reserves final say in all selections.

Am I expected to attend?
Attendance is optional but artists are encouraged to attend the gala. All selected artists will receive a ticket to the gala. This is an opportunity to engage with fellow alumni, art collectors/donors, and other members of the SFAI community.

Will the installation be available for sale?
This is a commission of new work for SFAI; however, ownership will remain with the artist.

There will be an option to sell the completed installation or parts thereof at the discretion of the artist. Proposals should indicate whether the work will be for sale. If the work is sold to a Gala attendee, SFAI requests that 20% of the sale price be donated to the SFAI Student Scholarship Fund..

Who is on the selection committee?
SFAI’s Exhibitions and Development staff will oversee the call for proposals, selection of work, and installation. The process will be overseen by Katie Hood Morgan, Assistant Curator and Exhibition Manager, along with a selection of jurors.

The selection will be determined by the following criteria:

  • Conceptual rigor, sense of adventure, and pragmatism
  • Completeness of submission package
  • Ability to address the Gala’s goals

How do I apply?
Electronic applications are strongly preferred; however, mailed applications will also be accepted.

Submit Your Proposal

Proposal Deadline:
November 14, 2016

Supplementary Materials

Images and other supplementary documents should be sent to Clea Massiani at

Mailed applications should be sent to:
San Francisco Art Institute
800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
Attn: Development


Should you have questions or need clarification regarding the call for proposals, please contact:

Clea Massiani
Alumni Relations Manager